Closed die forging

  • C frame press BLISS C 125

    C-Gestellpresse BLISS C 125

    Used C frame press BLISS C 125. The press is in a very good working condition and can be demonstrated under power.

  • C-frame press ERFURT PEE 250

    C-Gestellpresse ERFURT PEE 250

    Used C-frame press ERFURT PEE 250. The machine is still installed but no longer under power.

  • Friction screw press BERRENBERG 400t

    Friktionsspindelpresse BERRENBERG 400t

    Second hand friction screw press BERRENBERG 400t with a screw diameter of 200mm. The nominal capacity is 400t, the maximum capacity is 600t.

  • Friction screw press BONIARDI LS 280 (450t)

    Friktionsspindelpresse BONIARDI LS 280 (450t)

    Used friction screw press from an Italian manufacturer with a nominal pressing force of 450t (280mm spindle diameter). The press is still mounted but no longer under power.

  • (2x) Hydraulic Preforming Press LASCO VPA 160

    (2x) Hydraulische Vorformpresse LASCO VPA 160

    Second hand oil-hydraulic LASCO VPA 160 preforming press (multi-purpose press). Two identical presses available !

  • Hydraulic Press CHAMBON DMS 600t

    Hydraulische Presse CHAMBON DMS 600t

    Used hydraulic press CHAMBON DMS 600t. The 600t hydraulic press is still installed and can be demonstrated under power.

  • Screw press WEINGARTEN PY 355

    Spindelpresse WEINGARTEN PY 355

    Used screw press WEINGARTEN PY 355. The press can still be demonstrated under power. Spindle and nut were renewed some time ago, unfortunately the ram has a crack that needs to be welded. Otherwise, the press was regularly maintained and modernized. The permissible pressing force is 2000t, the bounce-breaking force is 2600t. The spindle diameter is 355mm.

  • Screw press WEINGARTEN PSS 480

    Spindelpresse WEINGARTEN PSS 480

    Used screw press WEINGARTEN PSS 480. The screw press is in very good condition and can be viewed under power. The electrical system was completely renewed only a few years ago, spare parts for the press itself are also available. Durable maximum press force 3200t, max. bounce impact 18,000kg/m. The scope of delivery includes: tool holder (heatable), swivel arm for tool change, light curtain and protective devices, Acheson die lubrication system, extensive spare parts package

  • Screw press FICEP DD 560 with direct drive

    Spindelpresse FICEP DD 560 mit direktem Antrieb

    Second hand screw press FICEP DD 560 (3150t nominal) with direct drive. The spindle diameter is 560mm, the permanent permissible impact force is 5000t and the bounce impact force is 6300t. The press has worked very little and is in excellent condition. The screw press can still be demonstrated under power.

  • Hydraulic press COSMO 120t

    Hydraulische Presse COSMO 120t

    Used hydraulic press COSMO 120t. The press is in excellent condition and still installed and under power. The press was used only sporadically and was always well maintained.

  • Hydraulic press DUNKES 250t

    Hydraulische Presse DUNKES 250t

    Used hydraulic double sided press DUNKES 250t.

  • Forging hammer HUTA ZYGMUNT MPM 1000 A

    Schmiedehammer HUTA ZYGMUNT MPM 1000 A

    Used forging hammer HUTA ZYGMUNT MPM 1000 A. The hammer is still installed on site but no longer under power. The mechanical condition is very good.

  • Hydraulic forging hammer LASCO KH 315

    Hydraulischer Schmiedehammer LASCO KH 315

    Second hand hydraulic forging hammer LASCO KH 315. The forging hammer LASCO KH 315 is still installed and very well operating. It has been completely overhauled a few years back. The following overhauling works have been done: -New SPS operation, electric switch cabinet, food pedal (twin pedal) with switch for slow lowering and slow lifting -New piston -Hydraulic drive completely dismantled and cleaned -Main valve with new housing and new piston -Hydraulic cylinder honed -New valves, new pumps, new filters -New guiding -New water cooling system -New heating system -Overhauling/ Remilling of ram -Overhauling of main motor The GERB spring elements are included in the delivery.

  • Upsetter HASENCLEVER WSHK 630

    Stauchmaschine HASENCLEVER WSHK 630

    Used upsetter HASENCLEVER WSHK 630. The upsetter is still installed and can be demonstrated under power. The upsetting force of the WSHK 630 is 630t, the clamping force is 800t. In addition to the machine and the electrical system, the delivery includes a tool change system incl. a 1000kg swivel crane as well as the die spray system and all safety devices.

Separation of bars
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts
Shipping of forged parts
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts

We are looking for

  • Eccentric press 250t – 315t
  • Forging press 500t
  • Forging press 1600t – 2500t
  • Open die forging press 1000t – 1500t
  • Forging manipulator 3000kg – 5000kg
  • Charging manipulator 6000kg – 8000kg
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • Knuckle-joint press 2500t