Saws/ Shears

  • Automatic band saw WAGNER WPB 340 A

    Bandsägeautomat WAGNER WPB 340 A

    Used automatic band saw WAGNER WPB 340 A with 4m roller table and one-axis control. Cutting range up to 340mm, cutting speed continuously 18 - 114m / min. Saw band 5270 x 32 x 1.1mm. Workpiece gripper for automatic operation. The saw is still set up and under power and is in good condition.

  • Band saw KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA

    Bandsäge KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA

    Used automatic band saw KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA in very good functional condition. Automatic material feed, hydraulic material clamping, cutting speed stepless. Cutting area around 370 mm, cutting area square 400x370 mm, saw band dimensions 5920x41x1.3 mm, cut-off lengths single stroke 10-760 mm.

  • Band saw SABI PB 800

    Bandsäge SABI PB 800

    Used band saw SABI PB 800 for round cuts up to 800mm and rectangular cuts up to 1000 x 800mm. Cutting speed 15 to 105m / min. Saw band: 9500 x 67 x 1.6mm. The saw is still installed and under power.

  • Billet shear BRET 1000t

    Knüppelschere BRET 1000t

    Used billet shears BRET 1000t in good working condition. The scissors are designed for material up to 170 x 170mm (square) and 190mm (round).

  • Billet Shear ERFURT ScK 1600

    Knüppelschere ERFURT ScK 1600

    Used billet shear ERFURT ScK 1600 for cutting round (max. 235mm) or square (max. 220mm) material. The machine is equipped with a separation table for the input material and a 6000mm long roller table. The material sections can be between 100 and 1000mm long. The billet shear ERFURT ScK 1600 is still installed and can be demonstrated under power.

  • Billet shear ERFURT ScPK 800 I

    Knüppelschere ERFURT ScPK 800 I

    Used billet shear ScPK 800 I for shearing solid material in various grades up to 160mm (transverse) and 170mm (round) as well as various dimensions for flat material. Incl. separation table and feed roller table.

  • Billet shear PEDDINGHAUS CADAX 500

    Knüppelschere PEDDINGHAUS CADAX 500

    Used billet shears PEDDINGHAUS CADAX 500 with separation, 8m roller table and weighing device (Fa. Mettler). Shear performance: 450N/mm = 125/115mm; 550N/mm = 115/105mm; 650N/mm = 105/95mm The PEDDINGHAUS CADAX 500 is still installed and powered.

  • Automatic circular saw KALTENBACH RKS 451 NA

    Kreissägeautomat KALTENBACH RKS 451 NA

    Used automatic circular saw KALTENBACH RKS 451 NA incl. roller table (replenishment machine). Saw blade diameter: 450 mm Cutting diameter: 150 mm Cutting range at 90 degrees: around 150 mm Cutting area at 90 degrees: square 140x140 mm Cutting area at 90 degrees: flat 260x30 mm Saw blade feed speed 0-1100 mm/min Cutting width: max.5 mm Saw blade bore: 50 mm -hydraulic saw blade feed / cutting height, depending on the material size / under-table setting of the saw blade / engine load indicator / machine protective hood / hydraulic unit / cooling water device with coolant pump / section gripper ABS / chip conveyor (ejection height = 930mm)

  • High-speed saw TRENNJAEGER UNITRENN 520 HA

    Schnelltrennsäge TRENNJAEGER UNITRENN 520 HA

    Used quick-cut saw TRENNJAEGER UNITRENN 520 HA with only a few hours of operation. Cutting area: Max. 110 x 110 x 9 mm / 200 x 90 mm single cuts (cutting time 3 - 5/6 - 8 seconds) Max. 70 x 70 mm x 6 mm / 100 x 50 mm series cuts (cutting time 3 - 5/6 - 8 seconds) Proma - saw blades, full steel blade with a diameter of 520 mm and 560 mm with 300 teeth. Cutting speed 3,600 rpm. Height adjustment with cover and protective screen. Manual miter setting with scale. Also available as an option: 1 x Exact-Stop PD 200 measuring stop (measuring length 9000 mm, total length 9,500 mm) electronically with memory and digital display but without runways. Suitable for sawing profiles.

  • Vertical band saw BEHRINGER LPS 60

    Vertikale Bandsäge BEHRINGER LPS 60

    Used vertical band saw BEHRINGER LPS 60 in excellent condition (little used). Working area 1,260mm x 720mm x 600mm. Smallest material height 10mm, smallest section width 5mm. Cutting speed: 20 - 200m / min.

Separation of bars
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts
Shipping of forged parts
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts

We are looking for

  • Trimming presses 300t – 800t
  • Forging presses 1000t – 4000t 
  • BANNING GOA 6300
  • Counter-blow hammer 32mt
  • Manipulators 2000kg – 5000kg
  • LASCO hydraulic press 1500t
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • CNC-Machining centers