Welcome to sotec, your partner for first-class used and new machines

We can find the right machine to meet your needs – whether it be a new or used machine or demonstration equipment. Thanks to our worldwide network of machine users, dealers and manufacturers, we can offer you a used or new machine tailored precisely to your needs. We would also be pleased to receive an offer for a machine that you no longer require and which we would be happy to sell for you.

We specialise in metal forming machines:

  • Upsetter HASENCLEVER WSHK 630

    Stauchmaschine HASENCLEVER WSHK 630

    Used upsetter HASENCLEVER WSHK 630. The upsetter is still installed and can be demonstrated under power. The upsetting force of ...

  • Screw press WEINGARTEN PSS 480

    Spindelpresse WEINGARTEN PSS 480

    Used screw press WEINGARTEN PSS 480. The screw press is in very good condition and can be viewed under power. The electrical ...

  • Circular saw TRENNJAEGER LTS 760

    Kreissäge TRENNJAEGER LTS 760

    Used long-cut saw TRENNJAEGER LTS 760 in almost mint condition, technically tested. Diameter of the saw blade 760mm. Cutting ...


We are looking for

  • Trimming presses 300t – 800t
  • Forging presses 1000t – 4000t 
  • BANNING GOA 6300
  • Counter-blow hammer 32mt
  • Manipulators 2000kg – 5000kg
  • LASCO hydraulic press 1500t
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • CNC-Machining centers