Other machines

  • Continuous cleaning system WÄCHTER DU 3000 (unused)

    Durchlauf-Reinigungsanlage WÄCHTER DU 3000 (unbenutzt)

    Pass-through cleaning system WÄCHTER DU 3000. The system was purchased from the customer for a project which did not materialize and was thus only installed but not used. Factory new equipment for cleaning forgings with water-soluble medium (eg Permatreat 435E). Max. Load 30kg / m - Tank capacity 500 liters - Temperature max. 80 ° C

  • Electric upsetting machine HASENCLEVER HG 50

    Elektro-Stauchmaschine HASENCLEVER HG 50

    Used electric upsetting machine HASENCLEVER HG 50. The upsetting machine is suitable for bar lengths up to 1400mm and a diameter of 14 - 28mm. The nominal heating capacity is 50kVA. The largest compression stroke is 450mm. Max. Compression force is 10t. The upsetting machine is delivered with a loading magazine and a footswitch. The machine ran to the end and is in good condition.

  • EMO vapor degreasing unit

    EMO Dampfentfettungsanlage

    Second-hand EMO vapor degreasing unit. Tunnel machine with baskets of max. 200kg. Capacity max. 1000kg/hour. The line is working with the cleaning compound perchloroethylene (C2CL4) and is still installed and under power. For more technical information, feel free to contact us.

  • Compressor ATLAS COPCO GA 11

    Kompressor ATLAS COPCO GA 11

    Used oil-injected screw compressor ATLAS COPCO GA 11. The compressor is in mint condition and has been little used. It is still installed and can be demonstrated under power.

  • Microscope ZEISS AXIO VERT A1 (unused)

    Mikroskop ZEISS AXIO VERT A1 (unbenutzt)

    Inverted microscope for demanding routine applications. The microscope is originally packed and has not been used yet. It is equipped with a long list of accessories that can be sent on request. Technical information is shown in the pictures below.

  • Tumble blast machine GOSTOL G 450

    Muldenband Strahlanlage GOSTOL G 450

    Used tumble blast machine GOSTOL G 450. The G-type trough belt blasting system is ideal for mass production workpieces. It can radiate both castings, forged and pressed parts (cold or hot) and various complicated shapes such as feathers, etc. Loading volume: 500 kg Max. Volume: 1000 kg Max. Piece weight: 200 kg Dimensions of the blasting chamber: 1100 x 1200 mm Impeller diameter: 380 mm

  • Top plate / test plate made of marble

    Richtplatte/ Prüfplatte aus Marmor

    Used (but little used) marble top plate / test plate with the following dimensions: 6000 x 3000 x 400mm

  • Dry cutting machine TRENNJAEGER PI 10

    Trockentrennmaschine TRENNJAEGER PI 10

    Used dry cutting machine TRENNJAEGER PI 10 with disc cover, feed 2,000 mm as well as removal with manual measuring stop up to 500mm and digital display. Cutting disc with 355mm and a speed of 60m / sec .. Oscillation - for fast and even cutting, material tension pneumatic, one-sided. Material round to 90mm, square to 110 x 110mm.

  • Two-hand controller SIEMENS

    Zweihand-Steuerpult SIEMENS

    Used two-hand control panel SIEMENS XY2 in almost mint condition. The control panel was only used for a short time on a mechanical press.

Separation of bars
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts
Shipping of forged parts
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts

We are looking for

  • Trimming presses 300t – 800t
  • Forging presses 1000t – 4000t 
  • BANNING GOA 6300
  • Counter-blow hammer 32mt
  • Manipulators 2000kg – 5000kg
  • LASCO hydraulic press 1500t
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • CNC-Machining centers