• 4-column open-die forging press ONA PRES 400t

    4-Säulen Freiformschmiedepresse ONA PRES 400t

    Used 4-column open-die forging press ONAPRES 400t. The press ran until it was dismantled. It is very compact and ready for immediate use.

  • Automatic band saw MEBA 407 A

    Bandsägeautomat MEBA 407 A

    Used automatic band saw MEBA 407 A in very good functional condition. Clamping height 10 - 407 mm Clamping width 10 - 407 mm Cutting area (square) 407 x 407 mm Cutting area (round) 407 mm Automatic material feed 5 - 1000 mm Lowering speed continuously from 0 - 300 mm / min Cutting speed 15 - 150 m / min

  • (2x) Hydraulic Preforming Press LASCO VPA 160

    (2x) Hydraulische Vorformpresse LASCO VPA 160

    Second hand oil-hydraulic LASCO VPA 160 preforming press (multi-purpose press). Two identical presses available !

  • Automatic band saw WAGNER WPB 340 A

    Bandsägeautomat WAGNER WPB 340 A

    Used automatic band saw WAGNER WPB 340 A with 4m roller table and one-axis control. Cutting range up to 340mm, cutting speed continuously 18 - 114m / min. Saw band 5270 x 32 x 1.1mm. Workpiece gripper for automatic operation. The saw is still set up and under power and is in good condition.

  • Band saw FORTE 420 SI

    Bandsäge FORTE 420 SI

    Used band saw FORTE 420 SI (semi-automatic). Working area 420 mm ∅, 400 x 400 mm. Cutting speed 20 - 100 m / min. Miter cuts with 45° and 60° possible.

  • Band saw KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA

    Bandsäge KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA

    Used automatic band saw KALTENBACH KBR 370 NA in very good functional condition. Automatic material feed, hydraulic material clamping, cutting speed stepless. Cutting area around 370 mm, cutting area square 400x370 mm, saw band dimensions 5920x41x1.3 mm, cut-off lengths single stroke 10-760 mm.

  • Band saw SABI PB 800

    Bandsäge SABI PB 800

    Used band saw SABI PB 800 for round cuts up to 800mm and rectangular cuts up to 1000 x 800mm. Cutting speed 15 to 105m / min. Saw band: 9500 x 67 x 1.6mm. The saw is still installed and under power.

  • Band saw TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus

    Bandsäge TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus

    Used band saw TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus. The TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus with large cutting area (290mm round, 290x290mm square, 360x290 flat) has 2 speeds 30 and 60m / min to saw different materials. The fast adjustment of the fermentation 45 ° left and 30 ° right takes place via a rotatable base plate.

  • Machining center GROB G 320

    Bearbeitungsmaschine GROB G 320

    Second hand machining center GROB G 320 with two spindles. X-axis 600mm, Y-axis 655mm, Z-axis 685mm. Spindle type HSK-63 with 12,000 rpm. Distance of the spindles 700mm. Table size 1450 x 800mm with 1070kg load. Electrics: SIEMENS 840D

  • Machining center CHIRON FZ 18 W

    Bearbeitungszentrum CHIRON FZ 18 W

    Used machining center CHIRON FZ 18 W. x-travel 550 mm y-way 300 mm z-way 425 mm Spindle mount ISO 40 Speed ​​range 20 - 6000 rpm Swivel table: 0 - 180 ° Table load - central / maximum 2 x 250 kp Tool magazine: 12-fold Projection 427 mm

Separation of bars
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts
Shipping of forged parts
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts

We are looking for

  • Trimming presses 300t – 800t
  • Forging presses 1000t – 4000t 
  • BANNING GOA 6300
  • Counter-blow hammer 32mt
  • Manipulators 2000kg – 5000kg
  • LASCO hydraulic press 1500t
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • CNC-Machining centers