• 4-column open-die forging press ONAPRES 700t

    4-Säulen Freiformschmiedepresse ONAPRES 700t

    Used 4-column open-die forging press ONAPRES 700t. The press is still under construction and under power. Further data on request.

  • Automatic band saw BEKA-MAK BMSO 320

    Bandsägeautomat BEKA-MAK BMSO 320

    Used fully automatic band saw for sawing thick-walled solid material, pipes and other profiles. The roller feed of the material (the front "tension rollers") are driven by a worm gear by an electric motor, the rear rollers are free-wheeling. Saw diameter round 320mm, rectangle 350 x 320, square 320mm. Belt speed stepless 20-100m / min.

  • (2x) Hydraulic Preforming Press LASCO VPA 160

    (2x) Hydraulische Vorformpresse LASCO VPA 160

    Second hand oil-hydraulic LASCO VPA 160 preforming press (multi-purpose press). Two identical presses available !

  • Automatic band saw EVERISING H-560 HA

    Bandsägeautomat EVERISING H-560 HA

    Used automatic band saw EVERISING 560 HA with updated electrics. Cutting capacity approx. 560 mm, rectangle 615 x 560 mm, saw band dimension 6600 x 54 x 1.6 mm, cutting speed 18 - 90 m / min frequency controlled Technical data Material feed: Feed length 400 mm, multiple feed 9 x400 mm

  • Band saw TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus

    Bandsäge TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus

    Used band saw TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus. The TRENNJAEGER TEBA 290 Plus with large cutting area (290mm round, 290x290mm square, 360x290 flat) has 2 speeds 30 and 60m / min to saw different materials. The fast adjustment of the fermentation 45 ° left and 30 ° right takes place via a rotatable base plate.

  • Machining center GROB G 320

    Bearbeitungsmaschine GROB G 320

    Second hand machining center GROB G 320 with two spindles. X-axis 600mm, Y-axis 655mm, Z-axis 685mm. Spindle type HSK-63 with 12,000 rpm. Distance of the spindles 700mm. Table size 1450 x 800mm with 1070kg load. Electrics: SIEMENS 840D

  • C-frame hammer 175kg

    C-Gestell Hammer 175kg

    Freeform forging hammer C-frame with approx. 175kg ram weight. The hammer is still installed but no longer under power. You can forge ingots with up to 150mm round and 130mm square. Diameter of the ram 200mm.

  • C-frame press EDELHOFF AZR 100

    C-Gestell Presse EDELHOFF AZR 100

    Used C-frame press EDELHOFF AZR 100. The press is in working condition and can be viewed under power.

  • C-frame press ERFURT PEE 250

    C-Gestellpresse ERFURT PEE 250

    Used C-frame press ERFURT PEE 250. The machine is still installed but no longer under power.

  • C-frame press MÜLLER 25t

    C-Gestellpresse MÜLLER 25t

    Used C-frame press MÜLLER 25t. The press is under power and can be visited.

Separation of bars
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts
Shipping of forged parts
Separation of bars
Cutting of bars
Heating of billets
Forged raw parts
Finish machined forging parts
Shipping of forged parts

We are looking for

  • Trimming presses 300t – 800t
  • Forging presses 1000t – 4000t 
  • BANNING GOA 6300
  • Counter-blow hammer 32mt
  • Manipulators 2000kg – 5000kg
  • LASCO hydraulic press 1500t
  • Bandsaws/ Circular saws
  • CNC-Machining centers